"Adopt an Envelope"

Bichon Rescue of Orange County's Spring Fundraiser

On April 26th Bichon Rescue of Orange County launched our Spring fundraising campaign, Adopt An Envelope!  

This fun and colorful campaign allows for donors to adopt an envelope in support of a BROC pup! 

The donor chooses the envelope they wish, based on their donation availability. So if you pick envelope #7, you donate $7, if you choose envelope #47, then donate $47, etc. You may choose one or more envelopes. 

Another option is to chose a "Featured" envelope. This alternative lets you see what items your donation can cover for our rescue pups.

For example:

  • A gift of $25.00 will cover the cost of a leash, harness, collar and ID tag for a new pup rescued by BROC.
  • A donation of $50.00 will cover the cost of a microchip for a pup, a trip to the groomers or an office exam by our veterinarian. 
  • A gift of $75.00 will cover the cost of food for one month for one of our pups, a one month supply of medication for a dog suffering with congestive heart failure or a round of shots. 
  • A donation of $100.00 will cover the dental cleaning for one pup, two months of allergy injections or two general office visits. 
  • A gift of $150.00 will help provide an office visit with a veterinarian specialist. Examples include: neurologist, cardiologist, etc.
  • A donation of $200.00 will help provide a full dental cleaning, without anesthesia, for two pups.
  • A gift of $250 will help provide a spay procedure for a unaltered female pup.
  • A donation gift of $500.00 will cover a needed EKG for a pup with a suspected heart murmur.

Any envelope chosen, and any donation gifted is 100% tax deductible. (Tax ID # 471918280)

This fundraiser, as with all our efforts, it is all for the pups! This organization and the services we provide, are impossible to do without your continued support and dedication. We, and the pups we rescue, greatly appreciate YOU!

Thank you, in advance, for your contribution!

Bichon Rescue of Orange County Leadership Team     

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